Continuity Indicator

Funway Electronics Project 1

This project is about as simple as one could imagine: just a couple of components and battery! Many components and electrical circuits can be checked for faults by using a circuit such as this.
As it name implies, this is simply a device for checking that there is a continuous electrical circuit between two points. While it is a simple device in itself, its uses are many and varied.

You will need these components

One 390 ohm (orange – white – brown)
One Light Emitting Diode (LED)
One protection diode (1N4002 or similar).*
One battery clip
Two lengths of hook up wire, 25cm long
Two lengths of ‘spaghetti’ insulation, 12cm long
3 lengths of tinned copper wire
8 self-tapping screws and washers

Baseboard & project overlay for project No.1.


Download the full instructions and further information free from Instructables.