The Flasher

Funway Electronics Project 5

You’ve probably seen those flashing lights on level crossings – or on emergency service vehicles. Guess what makes them work?
That’s right: a circuit just like this one!
You can make a number of flashing light circuits, simply by varying a few components.

You will need these components
One 390 ohms (orange – white – brown)
Two 10k ohms (brown – black – orange)
Two 100uF 10 volt electrolytic type
One protection diode (1N4002 or similar)
Two light emitting diodes (LEDs)
Two NPN type DS548 or similar small signal type
One battery clip
Five lengths of tinned copper wire
One 3cm length insulated hook-up wire
17 self-tapping screws with washers
Baseboard and project overlay No. 5