Morse Code Communicator

Funway Electronics Project 9

It is a fact that, if conditions are so bad that all other forms of communication fail, Morse code transmissions can often get through. It was the first form of radio communication, and in these days of space satellites, you can still hear amateur radio operators talking to each other around the world in Morse code – just for the sheer pleasure of it.
This project will help you learn Morse code and communicate with others who know this special ‘language’.

You will need these components
One 47 ohms (yellow – violet – black)
One 100 ohms (brown – black – brown)
One 1.2k ohms (brown – red – red)
Two 10k ohms (brown – black – orange)
Two 0.1uF polyester ‘greencaps’
One light emitting diode (LED)
One protection diode, (1N4002 or similar)
Two NPN type DS548 or similar small signal type
One battery clip
One Morse Code Key
One 8-ohm loudspeaker
Three lengths of tinned copper wire
One 5cm length of insulated hook-up wire
Four 12cm lengths insulated hook-up wire
18 self-tapping screws with washers
Baseboard & project overlay No. 9