Music Maker

Funway Electronics Project 10

No longer need you spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy the sound of an electronic organ: here’s the Fun Way to do it – build your own!
You can even compose your own tunes on this one.

You will need these components
Two 100 ohms (brown – black – brown)
Two 1.2k ohms (brown – red – red)
One 1.5k ohm (brown – green – red)
Four 2.2k ohms (red – red – red)
Two 3.3k ohms (orange – orange – red)
One 3.9k ohm (orange – white – red)
Two 10k ohms (brown – black – orange)
Two 0.1uF polyester ‘greencaps’
One light emitting diode (LED)
One protection diode (1N4002 or similar)
Two NPN type DS548 or similar
One battery clip
One 8-ohm loudspeaker
One 25cm length insulated hook-up wire
One 5cm length insulated hook-up wire
Two 10cm lengths insulated hook-up wire
Three lengths tinned copper wire
One 10cm length ‘spaghetti’ insulation
27 self-tapping screws and washers
Baseboard and project overlay No. 10