Sound Effects Generator

Funway Electronics Project 11

This is one of the projects that you’ll either love or hate. Or you will love and others will hate. With it, you can make a large variety of noises – it is, in fact, a simple sound effects generator.
You can make it sound like a ‘put put’ motor boat, a speed boat, water drops on a tin roof, a hospital heart beat monitoring machine, the tik tok of a grandfather clock, even the noise of a cricket.

You will need these components
One 4.7k ohms (yellow – violet – red)
One 500k ohms variable type (potentiometer)
One 10uF 16 volt electrolytic type
One protection diode (1N4002 or similar)
One light emitting diode (LED)
One NPN type DS548 or similar small signal type
One PNP type DS558 or similar small signal type
One battery clip
Two lengths insulated hook-up wire, approximately 10cm long
One length insulated hook-up wire, approximately 3cm long
18 self-tapping screws and washers
7 lengths tinned copper wire
One 8-ohm loudspeaker
Baseboard and project overlay No. 11