Crystal Set

Funway Electronics Project 12

Geographic & Historical Alert – this project was originally developed in 1979 when AM radio stations operating in the 526.5 – 1606.5kHZ band were common. Check that you have local radio stations broadcasting on this band before starting this project. This project is still included for its educational value.
This project is the ultimate in energy conservation: all the power used by this radio is free power from the airwaves: you never need to buy a battery!
First built by the pioneer radio experimenter Guglielmo Marconi some 70 years ago, and despite incredible advances in technology, this is still the simplest radio receiver. It will virtually work forever and all the energy it uses is supplied by the radio station to which it is tuned!

You will need these components
One 0.01uF disc ceramic
One 60 to 160pF variable
One signal diode OA91 or similar
One ferrite rod aerial
One crystal earphone
Wire for antenna and earth connections
11 self-tapping screws with washers
Baseboard & project overlay No. 12