Worlds Simplest Transmitter

Funway Electronics Project 16

Geographic & Historical Alert – this project was originally developed in 1979 when AM radio stations operating in the 526.5 – 1606.5kHZ band were common. You will need an AM radio to pick up transmissions from this project. This project is still included for its educational value.
By using the code communicator in Project 9, only two extra components are needed to build a transmitter which will broadcast Morse code. You should be able to pick this transmission up on virtually any radio receiver over a distance of a few meters.
Using a simple transmitter with a crystal set receiver, Marconi made the first radio transmissions over a few meters when he was just 17 years old!

You will need these components
One audio matching transformer, 8-ohm to 1k ohm.
One ferrite rod aerial
Five self-tapping screws and washers
Baseboard & overlay for project 16