Voice/Morse Code Transmitter

Funway Electronics Project 17

Geographic & Historical Alert – this project was originally developed in 1979 when AM radio stations operating in the 526.5 – 1606.5kHZ band were common. You will need an AM radio to pick up transmissions from this project. This project is still included for its educational value.
This is a dual project: with it you will be able to transmit messages in Morse code with the aid of the code communicator, or transmit voice with the aid of your two transistor amplifier. Imagine hearing your own voice over the radio!

You will need these components
One 1.2k ohms (brown – red – red)
One 100k ohms (brown – black – yellow)
One 0.01uF disc ceramic
Two 0.001uF disc ceramic
One 10uF 16-volt electrolytic type
One 60 to 160pF variable type
One protection diode, 1N4002 or similar
One NPN type DS548
One battery clip
One audio transformer, 8-ohm to 1k ohm
One ferrite rod aerial
Two 12cm lengths insulated hook-up wire
One 3cm length insulated hook-up wire
Six lengths tinned copper wire
23 self-tapping screws with washers
Baseboards & project overlay No.17