Radio Booster Amplifier

Funway Electronics Project 20

A radio frequency amplifier
This amplifier can be added to any of the receivers described in this book to improve reception.
It amplifies the level of radio frequency signals received by the antenna before they are processed by the receiver. In other words, it simply connects between the antenna and the receiver’s antenna terminals.

You will need these components
One 1.2k ohms (brown – red – red)
One 47k ohms (yellow – violet –orange)
One 10pF disc ceramic
One .001uF disc ceramic
One protection diode, 1N4002 or similar
One NPN type DS548 or similar
One battery clip
Two 12cm lengths insulated hook-up wire
Four lengths tinned copper wire
13 self-tapping screws with washers
Baseboard & project overlay No. 20